Austin Stone Work Questions and Masonry Tips

Q: What is the average price per square foot for stone contruction (ie. stone patio work)

A: The average price for stone patio work is $8.00-$10.00 per sq. ft. Project details and size of project often have an influence on pricing.

Q: When I submit a quote from multiple contractors, how many quotes will I receive?

A: The number of quotes depends on the number of available contractors that service your area. Bids will be submitted to all contractors in your area.

Q: What kind of life expectancy can I expect with stone construction?

A: Typically stone work is guaranteed for life. While in contrast, wood or decking has a life expectancy of only 5-10 years.

Q: How long do stone masonry projects take to complete?

A: Most projects can be finished in less than two weeks, depending on contractor availability and project size.

Q: What kind of guarantee do most contractors offer?

A: Guarantees vary amongst all contractors and you will need to speak to each individual contractor with regards to company policies covering guarantees.

Q: Do I need to have plans drawn up or will my contractor help me with design?

A: The majority of contractors are excellent architects and designers and can assist with your design, but contractors can also build from architectural plans or blueprints.

Q: How are the provided stone contractors in my area selected or verified?

A: All Austin Stone Work conctractors have a long standing reputation in the greater Austin area and we maintain a high standard of business practice through customer feedback and close overseeing of all referred projects.

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